February not so fun

So, it’s been a busy week. But I have felt very productive so I’m tired but happy. Thank goodness it’s Friday!

I met this guy in December 2013 and we have great chemistry. He’s made it clear he’s not up for anything more than fun. I mulled it over and decided I could do with some fun – yay me! It’s crazy the judgement/non-judgement you get from different people. A guy friend looked very disappointed when I mentioned I had met someone but it was just going to be a casual sex thing. He kept saying “You’re better than that”. Hmm. A girlfriend who is fairly conservative told me to go for it! Can’t win. Mostly I’m just keeping it to myself and I’ll take from it what I can – that I’m a hot, sexy, desirable woman who hasn’t had sex in 7 months, so I need the ego boost and the practice!

Anyway – the news for the week is that he was meant to come over last night for the Big Event. We’ve been texting and skyping and emailing each other about it for weeks (we have also met up in person and enjoyed some fooling around). And…well…anticlimax. As in: he.didn’t.come.over!! All that anticipation and rushing around making sure I had my legs shaved and my house was not a mess all for nothing. And the thing that shits me the most, is that he didn’t call to explain. He texted at one point after I sent a text saying I was going to fall asleep waiting (it was only 8:30pm at this point but I’d been up early and we’d planned for him to come over at 7pm) to say he was stressing out, had built it up too much in his head. I replied saying I was nervous too, but we had great chemistry and he should just come over and we’ll see what happens, no pressure. No reply for two hours. Obviously by that point I had given up – changed into comfy clothes and went to bed. So now what? He texted late last night to say sorry, he had stressed himself out, and promised to make it up (to me, I presume). The thing is – do I want him to? This man is not my future husband, he was just meant to be a bit of fun. And now I am seriously reconsidering my attraction to him. That’s the thing with us girls – attraction is in the mind.

So, I haven’t replied, I will let him stew for a few days. I think I’ll have to do a series of posts on the men I’ve dated and the adventures I’ve had (not saying it’s that many, but I have some stories to tell!)


3 thoughts on “February not so fun

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