Planning the week ahead

So here’s my exercise plan for the week – I am hoping that if I write it down, I’ll actually stick to it!

  • Monday: 45 minute spin class + 12WBT fitness test
  • Tuesday: 60 minutes swimming laps
  • Wednesday: ride to work and back, run 30 minutes
  • Thursday: 60 minute body pump class
  • Friday: ride to work and back, run 30 minutes
  • Saturday: rest day – drive up to Ballarat
  • Sunday: complete 100km Ballarat Cycle Classic

I’m a huge fan of Lorna Jane and I’m aiming to use their mantra “move, nourish, believe” as the framework for my year. This is going to be the main focus of my posts, but I’ve also decided to use this blog as a true reflection of me – all of me. I don’t want to self-censor the things that I think I might be judged for, and I hope that in the process I’ll learn a bit more about myself, and be really confident in who I am. I’ve always really struggled with defining myself – I’m easy-going, patient, don’t have strong opinions, don’t have any passionate beliefs, I don’t have a favourite colour or movie or band…I think I tend to mold to the interests and opinions of those around me so I’m never confident to be very open with my own interests and opinions. As I re-read the sentence above, I notice a lot of negatives – “I don’t xxx” – which I know is part of the problem. The Universe will give me what I focus on, but doesn’t necessarily distinguish between “do” and “don’t”.


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