A busy week of socialising

In addition to my busy week of exercising, I now have a busy week of socialising. When it comes to my social life, it’s either pretty quiet or insanely hectic! Tomorrow I have a date – a quick drink – and then dinner with a friend. Thursday I’m combining exercise with socialising by going to body pump with a friend, and we’ll have dinner after. Friday night, February Not So Fun guy is coming over. No expectations, we’ll just see what happens. I guess I need to see if I’m still attracted to him, because since the drama of last week I have definitely not been in that kind of mood!

I didn’t do my 12WBT fitness test last night – the spin class was insanely challenging and I felt exhausted just walking up the stairs at the gym!

And of course, my socialising tomorrow night puts a stop to my exercise plans for Wednesday. However – before anyone gets all self righteous on me, I calculated that I will probably take about 4 hours to do the 100km Ballarat Cycle Classic on Sunday, which is a hell of a lot of exercise, and I think that certainly covers what I would have done tomorrow. When I checked Facebook this morning after a late start, I discovered the friend I am riding with had covered a cool 54km this morning before I even got up!! How’s that for inspiration!

Food-wise I’m fighting the sugar cravings – so far the willpower is winning. I love eating healthily but at the back of my mind is that compulsion to gorge myself on chips or chocolate. Hopefully it’s just a habit that needs breaking. It’s only 11 days into FebFast, I still have 17 to go!

Other goals for this week include getting into a healthy routine of going to bed early and getting up early…


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