A great week

So far it’s been a great week – busy, tiring but I feel like I’m in a great place. I think I’m going to try using Lorna Jane’s “Move Nourish Believe” framework for my posts, I love the philosophy and I think it’s a great way to maintain balance and not spend too much time/mental energy focusing on one aspect to the detriment of others.


It’s been a good week of consistent exercise – I’ve done more so far this week than I have in a long time! I’ve also sneakily combined my social life with my exercise goals which means I get to catch up with friends and we both get the benefit of the exercise at the same time! #winning

I’ve done a 45m spin class, swam 1.4km in 60 mins and lastly did a 60m Body Pump Class. I used to be a regular swimmer in my late primary school/early high school days, but sadly have not really swum laps regularly in a long time. My goal was to do 1km in an hour so I’m stoked I smashed it! Plus I’ve been trying to extend the distance I can swim underwater in one breath, and finally made it to the whole length of the 25m pool – not once, but twice! This is , something I used to be able to do very easily so I’m stoked I could do it again!

I haven’t been to a Body Pump class in about 6 months so I struggled last night. I’ve never been good at squats or lunges, and even though I can cycle 60km with my eyes closed (err…not literally!) I can feel the burn after 5 squats, and you know Body Pump has about 20 times that amount! Today I’m feeling sore, although not excessively. I actually really enjoy the class, so I’ll keep going. I remember my first spin class I couldn’t stand up and pedal for more than 10 seconds at a time, and now I can do 90RPM standing up no problem, so there is definitely hope! And what an amazing sense of accomplishment when you achieve those sorts of goals.

And finally, today I am determined to do my 12WBT fitness test – only about 2 weeks late, but I guess better late than never.


I’ve been eating well all week, a couple of occasions I’ve gone a bit over my calorie budget but when I subtract the calories I’ve burned through exercise I am still way ahead. Learned that avocados have a lot of calories. Good to know, although I won’t be avoiding them just for that reason!

So glad I made a big batch of the Brown Rice Salad on Sunday, I’m having it for lunch every day, and I’m loving it (obviously I won’t have it again next week). Typical snacks this week include hard-boiled eggs, rice cake with cottage cheese and  a nectarine.

I’ve eaten out a couple of times this week, it’s obviously much harder to control the calories and portion sizes, but I’ve tried to make sensible decisions, and enjoy my food regardless. I don’t always eat out that many times in a week so there will be peaks and troughs.

I’ve been keeping track of my calories, which sounds super anal, but is actually quite quick and easy with the Australian Carlorie Counter – Easy Diet Diary App. I only wish it would sync between devices so I could also use it on my iPad, but hey, you can’t have it all!


I signed up for Gina DeVee‘s Divine Living emails and watched the first video – I am not sure I am quite ready to be receptive to her messages yet, it’s all a bit too spiritual for me. A friend of mine just loves her and I want to give it a good shot – and I’ll never be receptive if I don’t pay attention to what Gina is talking about. I think what I’m resisting is that it’s all very vague, and she talks about changing your mindset/thinking, and then everything will change. I guess I’m more of a pragmatist – I need the step-by-step instructions and tangible tasks to do rather than “think differently”, but I’m willing to learn.

Speaking of changing mindset -my 25m underwater swim was less about my physical capabilities (or what I thought they were) and more about my mindset – the minute I question my ability, I won’t do it. But if I say to myself “keep going, you can do it”, or I don’t even consider failure as an option, I push yourself that little bit harder and in the end I accomplish my goal. Hmm, maybe Gina’s on to something after all!

I’ve been thinking about learning to meditate for a while now. It’s something I’ve never been able to do, and it has come up in conversation with friends and in other contexts quite a lot lately. So this week I downloaded a bunch of free meditation apps, and tried one 7 minute meditation (more-so meant for a quick work break during the day) before I went to bed. It was ok…I just need to keep practicing I think, I feel like it’s one of things that takes time and practice to master, but when you do, it’s fantastic (or so I’ve been told).

I had a date with a guy from e-Harmony, it went well enough. He was very easy to talk to and I enjoyed myself. I don’t want to sound like I’m not interested, but I’m taking all the drama out of dating this year. If I never hear from him again, that’s fine – it’s hard to tell how you feel about someone after a first date (unless of course you can’t stand them from the start). I need to work on my list – what qualities do I really want, before I get too hung up on whether someone else wants to see me again or not.

So all in all, a great week! Looking forward to the weekend, although there won’t be any sleep-in’s for me!


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