Valentine Fail

Friday 14 February. St Valentine’s Day. A day of romance, love and fun…but not for me. Mine was quite the opposite unfortunately. 

During the week I heard from February Not So Fun guy, who was keen for a second chance. I figured his meltdown was a once-off, and that a second chance was worth it. It happened that the only evening we were both free was Friday night. And for once in my life I had Valentine’s plans! Not that I was really associating him coming over with V-Day, but it was a fleeting thought. 

When we first agreed on Friday, he said he could come over around 6pm, on his way home from the airport. I said that was probably too early, as I wouldn’t be home yet, but he could always call when he left the airport and I’d see where I was. Truth be told, I was planning on going to the gym, and that was a priority for me (I was feeling the sting of waiting for him last time when I could have been doing things that were important to me). Anyway, long story short, eventually we settled on 8:30pm. I never did get to the gym, as I stayed late at work, and so of course it was a mad rush home to shower, tidy up etc. 

At 9pm he still hadn’t arrived. At one point I tried calling him but it went straight to voicemail. By 10pm I’d given up and started cooking a couple of meals for the week ahead (I was going to be away for the weekend so Friday night was my only opportunity). 

And then – finally – he texts! At 10:30pm. Now what do you think this text said? An apology with an excuse? Maybe he had gotten into a horrible car accident on his way over. Maybe he had a migraine. Perhaps he had a family emergency. But no. There was no apology, no explanation and no shame. The text said “See you in fifteen?”

WHAT??????? Seriously. What. The. Fuck???

I’m just sorry I didn’t reply with that exact reaction. My response was nevertheless just as negative. I said no – I had been waiting, and I’d given up, and now I was busy. And it took him 50 minutes to respond, saying “Fuck. I’m a fool.” Never a truer word has been spoken.

The old saying springs to mind: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” And thus concludes my foray into casual sex. Epic fail. It was supposed to be fun and ego-boosting and instead turned into a massive waste of time and energy. Thank God I didn’t like him (in “that way”) on top of it all, otherwise I’d be nursing a broken heart too. 

On a more positive note, I have a date lined up for this Friday – a first date with a guy I connected with on eHarmony. We’ve talked on the phone a few times and so far so good. 

I’m not really that upset about the whole situation, more so bemused and puzzled. I keep thinking someone’s playing a joke on me – perhaps for past wrongs? I can’t think who I’ve wronged that badly, but at this stage it seems to be the only valid explanation for his odd behaviour.


3 thoughts on “Valentine Fail

  1. Wow…I can only imagine that he’s had experiences with other women who didn’t call him on his behaviour… Good on you for valuing yourself enough to opt out and in the process, give him a reality check!

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