A busy few weeks

So time flies! I’ve been busy busy busy (aren’t we all?) with no time to post.

What has happened in the past two weeks?

  • I bought a road bike (not new, but new to me) – a joy to ride!
  • I completed FebFast with moderate success
  • I have had two dates with a new guy I met on eHarmony. So far so good, although he is a bit shy…
  • I danced the night away at a fundraising dinner
  • I had a body fat percentage test done which was very interesting!
  • I learned some basic bike maintenance including how to change the rube without using tyre levers, and how to get the back wheel in and out easily
  • I went to Sydney for four days to complete a property renovation course and caught up with a friend
  • I got lots done at work
  • Two body pump classes, lots of cycling and also squeezed in some swimming

What hasn’t happened?

  • Any form of housework – there is dirty laundry to wash, clean laundry to put away, nothing is in the right place…you get the picture
  • Sleep – I really need to work on getting to bed earlier!

Ok that’s it for a quick update. On that note, I’m going home for an early night.


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